In 2013 my artwork was stolen by an Australian Prime Minister. Read the release notes

On 12 December 2016 I face a 3 year prison term in Australia for trying to expose the truth.

I have to represent myself in court as my lawyer from Coffs Harbour Legal Aid told me to accept government drug abuses
under a Community Treatment Order because "it happens to a lot of people".

23.10.2016. This is the end of my 20 year career in design. There is no return from this burn after a lifetime of severe abuses in design by Australians.
IT ended "in design" not jobs, despite the bullshit written on the design certificate by University of Newcastle, Australia.

Diamond Heart - Lady Gaga

Please note: The VHS Digital Flag has nothing to do with my personal HOT bird aside from the fact she likes it !

"IT doesn't matter if you are black or white"

Australia has a stupid concept going on that work from home designers need to be somehow sexually linked to their artworks
instead of their rights being protected by the Digital Millennium Copyright Act.

These artists and designers are then financially abused by our business communities. My stolen children Finn and Max are a case in point.

The VHS Digital Flag was produced in 2013 without my HOT bird in AU as it was relevant to my career work to both stitch up my intel hackers and solve our reconciliation issues against a thieving ALP government. It was an ALP 50/50 honesty test. The password was my vehicle number plate - a government database record - to prove without question I am the designer. This is called a reality hack of a government database to a stupid
Prime Minister who condoned baby children hackers ( wiki leaks ) to flee Australia and hide in embassies so they are
not sniper rifled in the head by our real governments such as USA.

I would not have produced this work if ( home? ) Page hadn't of stolen my works in 2006 and conspired to block and circumvent
my access to my children during a drug led junkie divorce in 2013 as well as fail to reply to me about my work issues up to 2016.

My ex-wife and Page ( two doll huh? ) blew "IT" work wise.
Sorry does not even come close to what ALP did to destroy our AU industries, womens lib + black coin project and our lives.

Between the ages of 2 to 9 in Wollongong Australia - I was beaten every single day while my mother was raped for artworks.

Between 2001 to 2016 I was commercially abused as a young adult by my own family, friends and the ignorant Australian Government.

These people used leadership circumvention of funds in contravention of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act
as well as drug abuses under ALP grant funding to separate me from my babies for profit in 2012.

Every time I tried to fix this issue for my sons Finn and Max without causing trouble for them these groups have
continued to block me or have me locked up and drug abused by Australia's mental health services.

The mental health service in Australia - aside from one professional - continues to ignore my works and the laws relevant to my former profession. They continue to make threats towards me including threatening me with lockups and drug abuses * at my front door * in Coffs Harbour, Australia.

I live under continued threat from their harassment with no weapons ( such as a legal hand gun ) for my self defence at my home,
despite the fact that the only people sending mental health today is themselves.

The police in Australia have no control over the abusive mental health policies setup under the ALP and can offer me no protection.

Decide for yourself on what is right or wrong - "in design", "in Australia" and "led by Australians" in terms of my 3 year AU prison term !

My review. Australia is the most disgusting human rights abusive country on earth - since 1788.

I have renounced my status as an Australian citizen. Whether I go to jail or not - if I survive - I have no intention of "ever living in Australia" again.